Change is the new Constant.

Mmmmm….. The title itself appears to be difficult. Ahhh! How do we maintain our stability in the face of constant change? Every day offers new difficulties, new opportunities, and a rush of unexpected events. We are disturbed by these changes. There have been significant changes in my environment over the last two to three months. And I am damn sure I am not able to adapt easily. Uff!! but they are gonna happen whether we have the power to handle them or not. In the last few days I was haha no I am, trying very hard to get used to these changes handle them being stable but I failed I was not ready but something happened and life started to seem scattered. But now I realize it’s not like life is going be the same until I die nothing is going to stay constant things are meant to change, life is meant to be diverse so now the only thing that’s gonna stay constant is change. Yes sounds scary but one needs to accept the fact that not even a bird stays in the same nest throughout their life.

Setting boundaries, making plans, planning a schedule everything is not going to execute every time but the changes that happen will always teach us.
Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they would. But it’s necessary to accept and move on. Changes can be challenging might hurt sometimes but there’s a lot to learn even we can’t eat daal chawal every day right. While everything seems to fall exactly different the way you never thought, it’s very important to take care of ourselves. Not being happy from within, overthinking the same things, again and again, doesn’t end up to a good conclusion. Sometimes it’s necessary to let things happen the way they are happening. We can’t control our tomorrow but we can at least be ok today we can at least make ourselves feel ok today.

Whatever is happening what all changes are coming or are going to come in the future those aren’t in our hands but we can take care of ourselves. Whatever is happening in our outside world is just the information that our brain consumes we can’t stop that but can handle the way we process that information, the way we let that information affect us.
In this whole universe, we are such small human beings in that our micro-small mind and our thoughts. When we see our problem from a bigger point of view that problem starts to look very small. Because more that it excited in the environment it build a bigger mountain in our heads. I believe with time everything starts to fall in place. Keeping our mental health strong, going with the flow, and taking care of ourselves is the best thing we can do.




An exploring human being.

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An exploring human being.

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