“Having a set of goals always helps”, they say. Of course, it does. Listing down the things placing them in a hierarchy makes it a bit easier. But often the problem is where to start what would be the flow and also sometimes we don’t know the endpoint.

Let’s observe this situation as if a camel is given the task to climb a huge mountain and a monkey is expected to live in the desserts. Is it possible? No right! Why is that so firstly they both are not made to do that stuff and secondly their bodies are not designed to handle that kind of atmosphere?

Let’s imagine one more story. There was a small elephant he was tied up by a rope he use to try every day to get rid of it but he failed because at that very point he was weak. After some years when he grew up all big and strong he was again tied up with a rope but a thin one. In his subconscious mind, he made up his mind that I tried before, I failed, and I won’t be able to do it this time. He tied a not of belief (lost belief in himself). Now before trying he declared the result he can’t do it.

So what we see here in both situations is in the first one there are things for which we aren’t made for but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. Experimenting and exploring only these two things can help us reach some point in life where we sit with a cup of tea, with a view and satisfaction of what we did in life.

While in the second story we saw how the elephant stopped believing in himself. We fail. But that one failure gives us ten other lessons that help us reach more hundred places in a good state.

In both scenarios trying is the key nothing can help better than supporting ourselves and moving further. If one door closes ten more opens up. Just keeping oneself consistent, disciplined, and working hard makes difference. Problems don’t get easier, you just get better at dealing with them and that makes you exceptional.




An exploring human being.

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An exploring human being.

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