Live like there’s no Tomorrow

In this race of life, everyone is running to achieve their dreams. What's the main purpose? To achieve happiness, satisfaction, financially stable, early retirement, and a good bank balance.

But while we do so, we often forget that in the rush of planning what to do at 30’s we lose our 20’s.

I always try to do 10 different things at a time and out of those 10 when I can do only 3-4 at the end of the month I get disappointed in myself. That's frustrating for the next month to start with.

But in all this race when I visit beaches or warming clouds are located from my window all that fear, insecurities come to an end.

From my perspective as of in my 20’s I have seen people enjoy like anything, with no ambition no fear of the future. Which is wrong and a waste of time.

Let's take an example, if we know we are gonna die tomorrow, what will we do today? We won't even miss a second in fear or insecurity. What's in the moment matters rest all is either our past or future, but thinking of what happened and what's going to happen, we often lose what’s in this particular moment to enjoy. With thousands of different things coming our way we need to push ourselves towards it. Face what makes us uncomfortable.

Theirs a quote from the movie kung fu panda “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that's why we call it present” So why lose this present? As this moment is never gonna come, nor it can be lived again.

We always worry about what's gonna come next to our way. But whatever it may be, good or bad we can’t stop it. So why waste today worrying about something that's not even arrived yet.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is gonna come or not we have no idea but today is what we have with us. Let's first live today.

Just live like theirs no tomorrow!

An exploring human being.